HEPA portable - MIA Air Purifier

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Air Sensors : VOC, PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10, CO2, Temperature, Humidity

Filter Specification : Front Filter, Active Carbon Filter,
HEPA ≥99,99 % at ≥0,3 μm

VOC Effiviency : Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ethyl Alcohol, Toluene, Xylene etc.

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Room Size: 100m² (1070sq.ft.) 75m² (800sq.ft.) 50m²(535sq.ft.)

Filters: VOC Filter: 1,9kg Granule Type Activated Carbon
HEPA Filter: 9m² H13 efficiency Hepa class filter, >99,99% at 0,3μm

Air Flow Capacity Maximum: 610 m³/h (360 cfm), Minimum: 90 m³/h (53 cfm)

indoor air quality - HEPA air purifier

MIA AIR Purifier or portable HEPA filter is a small stand alone unit that clean the air from all pollution, dust, spores, microbes or viruses, smoke or bad odors.

MIA Air Purifier is highly recommended to use in living room, office or medical room (e.g : clinic, dentist practice room, etc.), considering that humans spend 90% of their time indoor. And in fact, indoor air pollution has become world public health problem. Pollutants as well as bacteria and viruses in the room carry various diseases, from allergies to respiratory problems that threaten life.

indoor air quality - HEPA air purifier spesification

MIA Air Purifier uses HEPA Filter with EN 1822 standard which is able to filter bacteria and viruses up to 0.3 microns, with > 99.99% efficiency and has been equipped with what is called silver impregation to eradicate viruses and microbes by damaging the DNA - RNA from these microbes. . One unit of MIA AIR Purifier is enough for 100m2 room, with ability to circulate air filtering up to 600m3 / hour which can very quickly clean the air from all dust and microbes and viruses.

indoor air quality - HEPA mia air purifier spesification