1 Kg - Acid Cleaner | AQUARIGHT D-200 Solvent

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Appearance : Amber liquid

Specific gravity : 1.09

pH : 1

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Packaging : 1 Kg

AQUARIGHT D 200 Solvent

D 200 SOLVENT is based on hydrochloric acid which is effective in removing both hardness scales and metallic oxide deposits from heat transfer quipment and associated pipe work. It may be used in plant manufactured from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at-temperatures up to 90°C.

D 200 Solvent dissolves / releases the hard crust ( chemical cleaning  for removing in-organic and heavy scale ) which is formed from deposits of hardness salts that stick firmly to boiler pipes, condenser tubes (H / E), or evaporators on Coller or Calorifier , usually this chemical is called  Acid-Cleaner .

D 200 Solvent Inhibited inorganic descalling used for acid cleaning and effectively used for pickling process


  • Rapid, effective solvent for a wide range of scale and deposit BENEFITStypes.
  • Inhibitor protects ferrous and non-ferrous equipment up to
    90° C.
  • Simple on-site test for acid strength