25 Kg - AQUARIGHT CTC 403 Scalant & Corrosion Cooling Water

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Appearance : Yellowish
Specific Gravity : 1.16
pH : 11.7

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RP . 1,140,235.00 tax excl.

  • Wood Packing (Recommended for Shipping outside JABODETABEK)
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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Packaging : 25 Kg


AQUARIGHT CTC 403 is a synergistic formulation of zinc and organophosphonate. AQUARIGHT CTC 403 combines very low corrosion rates
and excellent scale prevention. It is used in oil field, also used for cooling water large systems using medium hard waters, or hard waters plus acid dosing.


  • Cathanodic inhibition
  • Inhibits deposition
  • May be dosed direct from drum
  • Liquid product for ease of use


AQUARIGHT CTC 403 is normally maintained at  concentrations between 50 and 70 mg/L in the circulating  water or fluids. The correct treatment level depends on operating conditions such as pH, temperature and concentration factor of the water, and the mechanical design of the heat exchange plant.

AQUARIGHT CTC 403 should not normally be used above ph 8.5. The optimum treatment level, for any plant, will be specified by PT ZEFA VALINDO JAYA.

The viscosity of AQUARIGHT CTC 403 allows it to be handled by conventional dosage pumps, without dilution, but it may be diluted if desired.

AQUARIGHT CTC 403 is corrosive to mild steel It may be pumped directly from the container using equipment in plastic.