Silica Sand Bangka Belitung for Water Purification Filter Media

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Silica sand, often also called quartz sand, is used to remove mud, soil, small particles and sediment in water. Usually used as a pre-filter to be processed with the next filter.

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RP . 3,000.00 tax excl.

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Bangka Belitung Silica Sand
The best quality Silica sand in Indonesia, with SiO2 content > 99%.

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Functions :
- Water Filter Media to filter dirt/sediment in water
- Removes mud, soil, small particles and sediment in water
- Silica sand is usually used for initial stage filtration
- Making glass, cement mixtures, ceramics, etc
- As a metal roof tile material to dampen the sound of rain
- Sand blasting
- Can be used for large scale and industrial water treatment as well as home scale water filter tubes
- Can be used to filter drilled well water that is cloudy and contains iron by combining manganese green sand and zeolite. If the water smells, you can add activated carbon.

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