Gravel Sand Bangka Belitung for Water Purification Filter Media

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Gravel is a support media in the filtration system. The function of Gravel filter media is to reduce turbidity, suspended solids, blockages by algae and is able to reduce suspensions and colloids.

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RP . 3,200.00 tax excl.

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Gravel is a water filter media, shaped like silica sand with a larger particle size.
Gravel sand can remove influent and suspended solid turbidity, mud, soil, small particles and sediment in water.

Gravel is suitable for initial processing in water filtration systems (water treatment, wastewater treatment, or home water treatment and drilled wells).

Gravel can be combined with other filter media as a multi-media filter inserted into the FRP tube (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

For filtering water that is cloudy and contains iron, you can combined with manganese green sand and zeolite. If the water smells, you can add activated carbon.

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