FREEMAN Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

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Coconut shell activated carbon is processed under a strict production control environment, to ensure maximum performance in the final product in the precious gold recovery process.

Its high adsorptive capacity coupled with its' superior hardness, makes it particularly suitable for carbon in pulp (CIP), carbon in leach (CIL), and carbon in column (CIC) circuits.

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FREEMAN ACTIVATED CARBON for Gold Recovery or Precious Metal Gold Recovery

Freeman Activated Carbon is coconut shell activated carbon produced from carefully selected raw materials and processed under a strict production control environment to ensure maximum performance of the final product in the precious metal or gold recovery process.

The high adsorption capacity of this product, coupled with its superior hardness, makes it very suitable for efficient use for gold recovery during Carbon in Pulp (CIP), Carbon in Leach (CIL), and Carbon in Column (CIC).

Available in mesh size 6 x 12.

Product Specification

Description Specification Testing Method
CTC Adsorption (%) ** 55% Min. ASTM D 5742
Minimum R Value of Abraded Carbon 55% in One Hour Test Method No. 1 *
Minimum K Value 24 Kg/t Test Method No. 3 *
Platelet Content (%) 6% Max. Test Method No. 4 *
Abrasion Resistance Value 2% Maximum Loss 24 Hr Rolling Bottle Test
Particle Size Distribution   ASTM D 2862
> 3.35mm 3% Max  
< 1.40mm 2% Max  
> 1.70mm 90% Min  
D50 2.2mm - 2.8mm  
Apparent Density (gr/ml) 0.46 Min ASTM D 2854

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