1 Kg - AQUARIGHT Defoamer 10

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Appearance : White milky liquid

Specific gravity : 1.0 ± 0.001

Solid content (%) : 20 ±2

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RP . 77,577.50 tax excl.

  • Wood Packing (Recommended for Shipping outside JABODETABEK)
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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Packaging : 1 Kg

AQUARIGHT Defoamer 10

DEFOAMER 10 is an antifoam of emulsion type, which formulated for general purposes. This antifoam is inflammable, having good stability and excellent activity to reduce foam so it is suitable used for pulp and paper industry processes, rubber, fermentation, textile, waste and water treatment systems.

DEFOAMER 10 has superior performance characteristics by other antifoam under particular conditions. Its can be used as a neat product or after diluted.

Defoamer or anti-foam is generally required for several processes, including:

  • Detergent or soap industry
  • Food industry
  • Metal industry, etc.
  • And several other industries


  • Excellent anti-foaming effect evens with small dosage comparing with the other emulsion type antifoaming agent.
  • Performance betters with 30 °C over condition.
  • Maintain good effect for long period.
  • Liquid type with easy handling.