Water Treatment

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

PT Zefa Valindo Jaya is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Company & Manufacturing.

The products and services of our company range from Waste & Water Treatment and Air Treatment (Atmosferic & Compress Air)

Water Treatment There are 15 products.


  • STP / WTP / WWTP / LTP...

    Survey, Design, Jasa Pengerjaan, Material, Produksi, Consultation.

    • Water Treatment Plant
    • De-mineralizer System
    • Purified Water System
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Ultafiltration membrane
    • Condensate Polishing
    • Lamella Clarifier
    • Waste Water Treatment
    • Domestic Sewage Treatment
    • Reclaim Water System


    An interesting solution both for new & improvement (Retrofit) of Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Reverse Osmosis / NF /...

    Membrane RO, Chemical RO, Cunsultation.

    1. Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

    2. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)

    3.Medical Reverse Osmosis (MRO)

    4. Reverse osmosis is also used in many production processes in various industries, for example : food & beverage industry, brewery, etc.

  • Cleaning Cooling Tower

          Cleaning the Unit (AHU, EVAPORATOR, CONDENSER)

          Wash and check Cooling Tower, Filter and Pipe Installation Condition (with specialty chemical required)

  • Cleaning Chiller

          Cleaning the Unit (AHU, EVAPORATOR, CONDENSER)

          Wash and check Chiller, Filter and Pipe Installation Condition (with specialty chemical required)

  • Cleaning Boiler

    Survey, Jasa Cleaning, Chemical, Consultation.

    Cleaning Boiler : To remove oil, grease, organic matter, welding slag on the surface of the boiler pipe wall to prevent corrosion and provide a layer of protection for preservation during boiler operation.

  • Maintenance Boiler

    Survey, Jasa Maintenance, Consultation.

    Routine maintenance of boiler for continuous production. Boiler maintenance can be either preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance. Good boiler maintenance can guarantee technical life and relatively long economic life.

  • Overhaul Boiler

    Cleaning, safety & checking, setting, tube replacement, refractories recondition.

    Boiler overhaul is needed to keep boiler on its 'high performance' and 'safety' and reduce losses due to damage to production equipment, increase production capabilities, long life time, etc

  • Filter Media Replacement

    Survey, Jasa Penggantian, Media Filter, Consultation.

    Do routine backwash to obtain stable processed products & prevent blocking (clogged). Media replaced ideally every 6-12 months.

  • Dosing System

    Survey, Jasa, Pendosisan Chemical, Consultation.

    Advantages of Chemical Dosing System: Easier to analyze the water results after injected with chemical, accurate dose, the pump works more optimally

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items