25 Kg - AQUARIGHT CB 303 Biocide Legionella preumophilia Cooling System

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Appearance : Clear to slightly hazy liquid
pH : 3.5
Specific gravity : 1.32
Solubility : Miscible with water
Viscocity (cps) (250) : 16.0

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Shipping outside Java : Min 20 kg

Wood Packing is Required for Shipments outside JABODETABEK

Packaging : 25 Kg


AQUARIGHT CB 303 is liquid biocide based on isothiazolone and is a broad spectrum biocide that is effective at very low concentrations in controlling both the planctonic and surface growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in the cooling water system. And have been used specifically for water treatment and paper mill applications.


  • Broad spectrum biocide
  • Non foaming.
  • Non oxidizing biocide.
  • Readily bio degradable


AQUARIGHT CB 303 is shock dosed, manually or automatically, at 15 to 50 ml/m3 of water system capacity. Frequency of dosing will normally be weekly, but will depend upon the operating characteristics of the particular plant, such as its tendency to biofoul and its retention time.